Welcome to my website —part blog, part author page, part OMG isn’t-the-Welsh-language-amazing site.

It started life as a blog, way back before I had a publication list. It felt like shouting into a vast, empty dark. It still does at times. Until someone leaves a comment. Then I realize my words have penetrated the void — and a torch flares within.

I still get that spark of pleasure. Though I’ve since won awards, had articles and short fiction published and am looking forward to the release of my debut novel The Tides Between in October 2017.

So, diolch yn fawr iawn (thanks heaps) for reading.

If you want to know more—about me, my novel, the great-big-messy business of reading, writing and living, or simply how to learn Welsh—click on the links above.

And please, don’t forget to leave a comment.

Tan y tro nesaf!

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