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Take your violins out. I have an emigrant tale to tell. Reach for the tissue box your heart’s strings are about to be pulled. Except, I am going to tell this story in Welsh.

We have been learning to express the notion of, when I was young, I used to … and I wrote this story, all by myself. Ok, it is a little repetitive but if you have read any of my earlier Blogs Cymraeg you will be used to that.

Roeddwn i ’n arfer chwarae pel-rwyd pan oeddwn i’n ifanc.
When I was young I used to play netball.

Roeddwn i ’n arfer gwbeud gymnasteg, hefyd, a jwdo, a dysgu tenis a mabolgampau.
I used to do gymnastics, too, and judo, and tennis lessons and athletics.
(Are you feeling sorry for me, yet?)

Roeddwn i ’n arfer dysgu nofio a dysgu marcho gaeth, hefyd.
I did swimming lessons and horserding lesson, too.
(Have you worked out what, I used to is in Welsh yet?)

Roeddwn i ’n prysur, iawn pan oeddwn i ’n ifanc!
I was very busy when I was young

Roeddwn i ’n arfer chwarae hoci a chwarae pel-meddl pan oeddwn i yn yr ysgol awchrad. I used to play hockey and softball when I was in high school.

Roeddwn i ’n arfer gwneud drama, hefyd, a roeddwn i ’n arfer dysgu guitar a dysgu fliwt. Roeddwn i ’n arfer mynd i ’r clwb ieunctid eglwys, hefyd.
I did drama, too, and I used to learn guitar and flute. I went to a church youth club, too. (What about the word for, too — of course it is hefyd).

Pam reoddwn i ’n arfer dysgu cynifer chwaraeon?
Why did I learn so many sports?

Pam reoddwn i ’n arfer gwneud cynifer hobiau?
Why did I do so many hobbies?

Dydw i ddim yn gwybod. Rydw i ’n meddwl am fod fy rhieni yn migrants.
I do not know. I think it was because my parents were migrants.

Mae ’r rhaid i ni gwneud mwyaf on cyflon!
We must make the most of my opportunities!

Rydw i ’n canol oed nawr.
Now I am middle aged. (This is your chance to add a comment such as — no Liz, you are so young. Andrew I expect you to be first.)

Dydw i ddim yn chwarae pel-rwyd na tenis, na, hoci, na pel-meddal.
I do not play netball, or tennis or hockey.

Dydw i ddim yn gweud jwdo na gynasteg, na mabolgampau.
I od not do judo or gymnastics or athletcis.

Dydwi i ddim yn chwarae guitar neu ’r fliwt. Dydw i ddim yn reidio yn ceffyl.
I do not play guitar or flute. I do not ride a horse.

Dydw i ddim yn hoffi chwaraeon.
I do not like sports. (I expect thhe tears are flowing freely now)

Rydw i ‘n dysgu Cymreag. Rdyw i ’n rhedeg a gadwn heini. Rydw i’n darllen llyfr a rydw i’n ysgrifennu llyfr. Rydw i’n mwynheu garddio ac embroidery.
I learn Welsh. I jog to keep fit. I read books and I write books. I enjoy gardening and embroidery.

Rydw i ’n hoffi yn ganol oed.
I like being middle aged.


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  1. SparklySparks@Yahoo.co.uk

    I found you from yahoo 360 I noticed a guy called I think Ron B had asked to be a friend but I noticed he didn’t write so I ignored it but being persistent I looked again to see if he had started writing and saw that you were his one and only friend and still no blog, I clicked on your picture, liked what I read and sighed when I realised you had moved but followed you here and read your Welsh blog. Nowwwwww I live in Wales, Welsh mother, Norwegian father and I too am trying to write although I think my first literary egg has a rubber shell it refuses to crack LOL

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