Elizabeth Jane Corbett

writing her way home

Britian’s Got Talent

I love this video. It makes my spine tingle. Cymru am Byth!


Varuna Awards for Manuscript Development


Alice is Leaving us Soon …


  1. Jan

    Hello Liz,

    We read your Blogs too. Don’t despair! A couple of weeks ago we saw this video on Dutch television and we got the same feeling you got (and get).

    I have the impression Bizkit has to tell your story when someone is leaving the house. I at least remember it from a previous occasion, couple of years ago. You don’t want to express your own feelings???

    Congratulations with reaching of the second stage of the Varuna Awards.

    Regards, Jan (en Resie)

  2. Wow Liz, did you say you got to the Varuna shortlist???????? We are impressed. Good luck to be the big winner – if you win, do you get a trip to Wales, or a trip on the Trans-Siberian railway, or maybe a weekend away by yourself in blissful peace to write more brilliant stuff…..
    Liked the story about the toe injury (that’s the nurse’s comment) but you left out something very important, and that is the utter loneliness one feels on such an occasion, when everyone sleeps on when you are dealing with your own pain (and danger too – you might have fainted and hit your head on the bath) no one cares because it’s mum, and she can deal with everything (and they are asleep). Not fair. It can reduce one to tears, the utter sadness of it….
    Congratulations on eating the roo, not sure we would have. The merest suggestion that something is NQR in our house (including anything purchased there) never fails to result in a definitive NO WAY from the children (like you, I have a husband who will always eat it cheerfullY!)and challenge anyone to find fault with it.
    Sorry Alice is going, she is a sweetie. You’ll be sad.
    Thanks for having us all last Sunday, it was a nice breakup!
    So, I have replied.

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