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Bula Vinaka!

Bula Vinaka!It is 3:45 am and here I am at Tullamarine Airport. Our flight, which was previously scheduled for the ungodly hour of 1:55AM, has been rescheduled to the truly satanic hour of 4:45AM. Fortunately Andrew has managed to get us all into the Qantas Club lounge and we are availing ourselves of the facilities. I think I was born for luxury.

We had a funny day waiting and tidying and washing and packing. But we are here now and through customs. I guess this is finally happening. I heard a Fiji accent in the check in queue and that’s when it finally hit me. I feel childishly excited. Will the sea be as blue as I remember it? Will the green be the lush verdant hue that has been growing in my mind? Will Suva smell as damp and mouldering as I rememeber it? Will the Indian traders still be unbelievably pushy? Will the shops up Waimano Road still play loud Bollywood music? Yes, of course, they will and I will see sulus and saris. I will eat curry and drink yaquona with the warm tropical breeze caressing me. But first we have to get on the bl**dy flight.
Moce until next time.


An Aussie Christmas (whatever that is), described.



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  1. Have a great trip and tell us all about it when you come back. I’ll be looking at Flickr.

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