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Post Script on Fiji

Andrew says my account of our holiday sounds kind of patronising.

It was not meant to in any way. I love Fiji and feel priveleged to have lived in that beautiful country.

I was, however, amused at how my cultural lenses affected me. It took me four years of living in the Pacific to begin touching the heart of the place and to learn something of the Fijian grace of community (that includes all race by the way), only to find myself back in the islands and seeing it once more through the eyes if the ‘Big White Honky.’

Travelling in a developing country is always discomforting


My Island Home



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  1. Carine

    I didn’t think it was patronising… sounded like you had a great time on holidays 🙂 Maybe a slight disappointment at that it’s not all the way you remembered it to be, though disappointment is probably not the right word for it. Guess it’s more nostalgia about ‘what was’, and then realising you have to re-adjust the image of Fiji you had in your head. Loved the photos by the way. Priya looks most radiant of all, and it’s great to see her look so happy 🙂 Talk soon!!

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