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I just read the young adult novel, Scatterheart, by Lili Wilkinson.

It is a beautiful juxtapostion of fairy tale set against the harshness of the early Australian transportation system. The main character Hannah Cheshire is strong and(at first)selfish but extremely likeable. Her development is subtle, but easy to follow. I particularly liked her realtionship with Long Meg and I fell in love with the little convict girl Molly. Molly’s tragic disfgurement and innocent, yet naughty, childlikeness was poignant.

As I closed the book I found myself wondering would happen next? Did Hannah the escaped convict, and Thomas, the fugitive murderer make a life for themselves in New South Wales? Is there a sequel in the making, Lili?


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  1. a sequel? hell no. think of all the extra research i’d have to do!

    nope, what happens next to Hannah and Thomas is all up to you…

    thanks for the kind words!

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