It is a curious thing drinking Green Tea. There is a sense of virtue in it. A flushed out, grit-your-teeth, this is good for me feeling. Not that I don’t like the taste. I do, but only when I am feeling happy.

You see, for me, green tea is not an o-my-God it’s morning sort of a drink. That is coffee. It is not a refined, afternoon tea experience. That is Earl Grey tea. Neither is green tea an I-have-to-stay-awake-or-else fix. That is Diet Coke, for me.

Green tea is an all-is-well-with-soul sort of beverage, an I-am-strong; I am invincible; I am woman kind of a feeling. That is why I am drinking it now, in my study, with my dog at my feet.

Here are my reasons for drinking green tea:

I have been to TAFE, and made the right decision about what subject I want to do this year.

I am buoyant in anticipation of what I will be learning.

I have done the grocery shopping and have made a pot of vegetable soup (essential for ongoing weight management).

I have cut up fruit in the fridge.

Tonight I am going back to Welsh and my friend Anna is coming.

Tomorrow I am going to write all day.

I love Green Tea