Elizabeth Jane Corbett

writing her way home

It’s Raining!

It’s raining. Yeah!

It started in the middle of the night on Easter Monday with thunder and lightning – torrential downpours.

We were camping but I didn’t mind.

We packed up amid drizzle and headed down the Hume Highway counting puddles along the side of the road.

It was raining Yippee!

It had been raining in Melbourne too. The earth was dark and moist. We pulled out damp canvas and hung it to dry.

We didn’t mind. It had rained.

Today it was still raining. I got wet when I went shopping. I ran the food into the house with water slipping down my neck.

I didn’t mind. It was raining.

The floor by the door is muddy. Did you hear me? Muddy! Rows and rows of camp clothing hang dripping on the washing line.

This evening it is still raining. Hip hooray!

They say it is going to rain for most of the week. On Saturday I am going to work in the garden. Yes!

The the earth will raise its face to the sky. Thirsty plants will remember their life. The soil will be moist and sweet.

It is raining. Yes, raining. I lift my voice.


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Elizabeth in London


  1. It’s not raining: the sky is crying, Melbourne is crying. This morning we had sunshine for Lizzie’s funeral and since then Melbourne has been crying for Lizzie.

    Lizzie was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and she died last week. She worked at Hawthorn and Boroondara libraries and more recently Hobsons Bay. We are crying for Lizzie and the sky is too.

  2. Yes, the sky is weeping.

    Our tears coax life from the earth and all is made new.

  3. SparklySparks

    I never knew Lizzie was ill, I found her only a short time ago and apologised to her for being too busy to write often, she put me at my ease, I thought when my mother recovered I could resume our budding friendship, she is recovering.
    I cannot thank Lizzie for the understanding and friendship she offered me but I can say to you, her friends and family, that I will never forget her lovely nature and I will pray for and remember her in Wales where I live.

  4. Sparkly
    Are you sure you have the right Liz? I was referring to Elizabeth Moisidis who worked at the City of Boroondara and whose funeral was on Wednesday. It you do know Lizzie M it is an amazing coincidence, but stranger things have happened on the net.

  5. It’s ok Polyxena, I have written to Sparkly. I had a sobering moment when I read my own obituary, then it slowly dawned on me where the misunderstanding lay. It is all sorted out now. I daresay all those nice thoughts apply to equally to Elizabeth M and my thoughts are with her family.

    Written by
    Liz Corbett – alive and well in Melbourne!

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