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My big boast …

Okay, here’s the thing.

At Balwyn Library we have a magazine called the Writing Magazine. It’s a British publication, and I read it avidly. It has articles on writing, short stories and competitions.

A few months ago, I entered one of these competitions. It’s called the Bristol Short Story Prize. This year in 2009, they had 1,729 entries from around the world – and my story has made the shortlist!

Yes, that’s right – and it’s quite a short list.

I am in the top twenty.

Top twenty – do you hear that.

I am very excited – and scared! It is one thing to sit in your office and dream about being a writer – but now it is actually happening. Yikes!

My story is called: Beyond the Blackout Curtain. It is going to be published in a British anthology – I even won fifty pounds.

I am going to post the link here so you can all smile with me.



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  1. Carine

    Congrats on making the longlist! Surely you’ll be shortlisted too =)

  2. woo-hoot, way to go liz…

  3. MarinaM

    Great news, Liz! You are on your way!

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