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Bristol Short Story Anthology, vol. 2

Today the Bristol Short Story Anthology, arrived. I had been harrasing humble postal workers about it all week. When Andrew emailed to say it wasn’t in today’s post, I felt like chaff in the wind.

But then it arrived! By some magical postal arrangement that, to this day, Australia Post hasn’t grapsed.
Andrew sent me a text message.
I came home straight away.
What, I hear you say? Weren’t you at work. How could you just leave? Well, yes. But I work in the library – books are revered, and I’d just received one with my name written inside. No one blinked as I raced out the door.
The anthologies came in a sack. I’ve never received a sack in the post before.
Here I am holding it.

Yes, that’s right. It seems sacks are a Swiss idea.

Inside the sack was a brown cardboard box.

And inside the box were the books.
They look real, don’t they!
Here’s me holding an anthology.

My story is the first in the book (okay, so a little freaky). Then are all these other amazing stories. I’ve been reading some this evening. They are really I good! I don’t know how I won this thing?

But I did. There’s my story, at the front on the book and it has First Prize written above it.

The whole thing feels real, suddenly.


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  1. Carine

    Finally the proof! Very cool seeing you so excited, haha. Once again congrats =) xx

  2. Oh, beautiful!!!!

    I do think sometimes if books are involved, Oz Post does a van job later in the day…happens to me sometimes, BUT OF COURSE none of them has a prize-winning story by moi in them!! Hooray for you, Liz.
    Looking forward to seeing it sometime.

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