What is it about forty-fiveish year old men and their wives’ dogs?

I’ve discussed this with a number of women over the past months and we’ve concluded it’s a twinge of envy sort of thing.
Surely not, I hear you gasp. Who would ever be jealous of a fluffy white dog?
That’s a good question. The mind boggles. But it’s a true statement. I think it must be the male menopause.
There’s no other way to explain the motivation behind this photo.

I didn’t take the photo, by the way. Andrew took it after I had done the weekly shopping. But he cheated.

I didn’t buy all those bow-wow treats in one week.

Besides, Biskit needs those things. The denta-stix keep his little teeth clean. The mini-treats are a bedtime incentive. As for the porkettes and oinkers. How would you like to be locked outside while everyone is at work?

Okay, so home brand peanuts is a tad bleak. But I was pressed for time!

I’ll make sure I buy Andrew the most expensive ones next time.