Elizabeth Jane Corbett

writing her way home

You know you’re stressed when …

You know you’re stressed when you make a Cinnamon Coffee Crumble cake – but forget to put the cinnamon in.

You know you’ve lost it when you ask your daughter to move her car from the driveway – then, while she’s getting her keys, you start the engine and back into her car.

You know times are tumultuous when you drive your youngest daughter to the railway station – but forget to drop her off.

You know you’re under pressure when you drive to the airport to pick up your mother – but miss the turning and end up in the carpark of Maccas Melton, thumbing desperately through the Melways.

You think maybe they should lock you up when you go to Eastland, shopping – then can’t remember where you’ve parked the car.

You know your sunk because all these years you’ve been winging it  – and your daughter, who leaves tomorrow, has been keeping you afloat.

And you think perhaps marriage isn’t such a good idea and you wonder how you’ll ever manage without her.

But you know you have to but, God, you’re going to miss her and you wonder when the ache in your heart will cease.


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  1. Thinking of you re that ache. It’s tough. It’s the cost of love. Hope the wedding goes really well and you can send her off with a blessing.


  2. you’ll be fine, Liz. Change is always hard! Take some deep breaths and do some journal writing.

  3. Carine

    It will be alright. YOU will be alright. Because she is so happy, and in the end, that’s all you really want =) Just soak up this final day with Phoebz at home! Thinking of you all, missing you.
    Much love and a big hug!

  4. Anonymous

    oh, that’s really sad liz : ( but there will be so many new aspects to your relationship with phoebe now that she has her independent life. She will probably come visit you all the time, and anyway, its not so much the quantity of time that we spend with someone, but the quality……..By the time you get this message Phoebe will probably be married, so I hope you all had a smashingly lovely day. I sent mum and dad off with my camara so I can see the photos when they come back. Love and Best wishes to Phoebe, xx Love Kylies

  5. Anonymous

    It’s a very precious thing to have that closeness, and to have your talent for articulation. Go, Liz! Have been praying for you all, Love to all, Giorsal

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