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Acrostic thoughts

I haven’t blogged for ages – primarily due to a hiccup in my publishing aspirations which caused a temporary downward spiral in my mood.

But today, I’m home sick — headachy and suppurating in bed, my mind is running along acrostic lines. I don’t know why. I hated acrostic poems at school. But here you are: two little kernels that convey my feelings.

Retched, yes, I know it starts with a W, but that’s how I feel.
Effluent, a polite term for words that start with a SH
Jagged, yes jagged, the knife in my chest
Effluent, again and again, that’s right shite!
Calm, everyone, stay calm – hide the kitchen knives.
Torture, doubt and self pity, again and again.
Idiot, yes, idiot, for expecting too much.
Onions, yes, onions, my eyes are red.
No! I won’t cheer up – life’s a bitch cricket pitch!

Fortunately, time has passed. I have gained perspective. It wasn’t a rejection anyway, it was a send-it-back-later, not-quite-ready, sort of letter. So here’s my second attempt at acrostic.

Rubbish, yes, rot, my novel is great.
Everyone has set backs – yes, everyone, I say.
J.K. Rowling heard the word ‘no’ word stacks of times (okay, I know, delusions of grandeur).
Everyone, like I say everyone, there’s no need to pine.
Calm, stay calm, and believe in yourself.
Tough, as old boots – with a confident step.
Inner-resolve shoving doubt out the door.
Only grieve for a while and then trouble more.
Now it is time to get back to my work.
Someone, please someone, tell me how to begin?


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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Liz
    Read mss over once for flow with your hands clamped under your backside and no red pen in sight. Read again – red pen in hand. Get feedback from trusted readers. (I’m happy to read for cookies – the ones we had the other night.) And approach mss confident; show no fear. You know the basis is good – it’s only strengthening required. The best advice I ever had – “Just write it.” And my best advice – START – it may be painful but soon, sooner than you think, it will come/flow/happen. Wishing you power and positives, Chris B.

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