Roedd heddiw yn dydd Sul – today was Sunday.

Fe ddaeth fy Nghwr Andrew i gartref – my husband Andrew came home (I suspect there is something wrong with this sentence).

Roedd o ‘n gweithio yn America ers gwaith – he was in America for work.

Rydyn ni ‘n cael brecwast gyda Phoebe a Andy – we had breakfast with Phoebe and Andy.

It was actually brunch but I can’t begin to imagine what the Welsh word for brunch might be – brecinio perhaps?

Fe wnes i crempogau. Roedd nhw ‘n hyfryd.

I made pancakes – crempog is such a lovely word for a pancake, don’t you think? The ‘au’ makes it plural. They were lovely.

Roedd y tywydd yn diflas – the weather was miserable.

Fe aethon ni i gyrru yn y mynydd – we went for a drive in the hills.

Fe ddylwn i ‘n mynd i ‘r eglwys, nawr – I should be going to church now. Ond dw i ddim eisau gadael y glo cynnes neu fy nghwr – but I don’t want to leave the warm fire or my husband