What did I do yesterday?

Fe wnes i ddeffro yn gynnar – I woke late.

Fe ddarllenais i, ac ysgrifennais i, a gweddiais i, yn ychdig, hefyd – I read and wrote and prayed a little too.

Fe taclusais i y tŷ a fe es i allan – I tidied the house and went out.

Ble? I hear you say. Or lle, if you are from North Wales – where did you go?

Wel, roedd fy nghwr, Andrew yn aros – my husband Andrew was away. Fe es i fy Mhle yn hoff – not sure if that is correct. 

It should say: I went to my favorite place – y llyfrygell gwladriaeth

The State Library

(yes, I did have to look up the word state)

Fe wnes i benthyg llyfyr a wnes i ffoto copios – I borrowed a book and did some photo copies.

Fe es i’r caffe, wedyn a ddarllenais i am hanes theatr – I went to a cafe afterwards and read about theatre history.

Mae o’n gwych – it was wonderful!