Did you think I had stopped reading?
No way, this book is gold. Here are some more quotes:

‘How many people, if you were to ask them why they’ve left the church, would give an answer something along the lines of, ”it’s just so small.”

‘Of course. A gospel that leaves out its cosmic scope will always feel small. A gospel that has its chief message as avoiding hell or not sinning, will never be the full story. A gospel that repeatedly, narrowly affirms and bolsters the “in-ness” of one group at the expense of the “out-ness” of another group will not be true to the story that includes “all things and people in heaven and on earth.”‘

And another:

‘We want to know that the last word hasn’t been spoken, we want to know that the universe is on our side, we want to know on Friday that Sunday will eventually come.’

Finally …

‘Because that’s how the universe works.
That’s what Jesus does.
Death and resurrection.
Old life for new life;
One passes away, the other comes.
Friday then Sunday.
You die, and you’re reborn.
It’s like that.’