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Great little giant

Cawr mawr bychan — great little giant,
Cryf cadarn gwan, gwynion ruddiau — strong, mighty weakling, pale of cheek.
Cyfoethog tlawd — poor wealthy one,
A’n Tad a’n Brawd, awdur brodiau … our Father and Brother, author of brothers …
Isel uchel — low and high,
Emmanuael, mêl feddyliau … Emmanuel of honeyed thoughts
Pali ni myn — he won’t have silk,
Nid urael gwyn ei gynhiniau — of no white weaving are his rags;
Yn lle syndal — no fine linen
Ynghylch ei wâl gwelid carpiau … where he lies, only tatters …
Ei leferydd — and his words
Wrth fugelydd, gwylwyr ffaldau — are for shepherds, the fold-watchers,
Engyl yd fydd — there’ll be angels
A nos fal dydd dyfu’n olau– like day, night will become bright …
Nos lawenydd — a night for joy
I lu bedydd; byddwn ninniau — for all Christendom; so let us be.
This lovely poem was written by Brother Madog sometime in the twelfth century.


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