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The things I hate about day surgery

1) walking past the Hudson’s cafe when you are fasting.
2) finding out your surgery is not scheduled until mid-day even though you have been told to arrive at the crack of dawn
3) trying to talk seriously to a man in a shower cap about your odds of waking up, and the fact that you have missed your morning coffee
4) looking for a quiet corner in which you might sit and do your Welsh lesson, only to be told that you MUST stay in the waiting room
5) thinking naked we are born and naked we depart as you change into your theatre gown
6) walking down the hospital corridor with your clothes in a shopping bag and your unstrapped sandals on your feet wearing your old black dressing gown which you washed specially for the occasion
7) lying in a corridor (let’s call it what it is) behind a pale blue curtain, waiting and waiting
8) looking into the rheumy old eyes of the woman opposite and wondering how much it’s going to hurt
9) squeaky rubber shoes
10) soap
11) disinfectant
12) running water
13) machines bleeping
14) the smell of the nurse’s coffee
15) the rheumy eyed lady being wheeled away
16) knowing your next in line
17) thinking yikes! This is it. My turn


My First Fabulous Five


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  1. I just can’t tell you how much I agree. How is it possible to change from confident to cowering in the space of five minutes?

    So – Down with shower caps and up with home! I do hope you’re feeling better.

    Regards, Marilyn

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