Elizabeth Jane Corbett

writing her way home

Australian country towns

Hot, wide streets
A post office
And a mechanics institute
All from a bygone era
A Chinese restaurant
Always a Chinese restaurant
With a numbered menu
The roadhouse
A caravan park
And a budget motel
Sometimes even a cafe
With a cappuccino machine
Though not always good coffee
Depends how many tourists
Tree changers
The Memorial Hall – lest we forget
And an Anzac statue
The oval, of course
With cars parked around the edge
Netball courts
A cinder playground with a locked bin
State registered school
Empty churches
A small district hospital
The nursing home on the edge of town
Old men shuffling head down in the hot, dry wind


Final Five Nomination for the VBA


St David’s Day – Ashburton Library


  1. Fabulous, evocative poem, Liz.

    I found myself in the main street.


  2. Brilliant – I read it twice!

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