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Thinking in Welsh

Thinking in Cymraeg – the aim of every Welsh language learner. But how do you know when its working? Perhaps these are the early warning signs?

You see the following road sign and think …

Hmm … why has the word mwy been mutated to fwy?

Scanning the books on the library shelves, do you see the word hen (old) and think …
Oh look, a paper back romance for senior citizens!
Putting a batch of large print books together, do you see the acronym RHYW and think …

Wow! A new Welsh publishing company.

Do you make Welsh cakes for St David’s Day and put them on the tearoom table with a short explanatory note but …

You forget to provide a translation!
What do you think? Am I developing a Welsh frame of mind?

Mwy = more and in certain cases would be mutated to fwy but not to my knowledge after the words via or Nunawading
Hen = old, as in: Mae hen wlad fy nhadau
Rhyw = some, gender
Pice bach = little cakes
Mwynheuwch = enjoy


St David’s Day – Ashburton Library


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