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Dyma fi yn Aberystwyth

Dw i wedi mwynhau aros dros y nos gyda fy nghythnifer, Joyce – I have enjoyed staying overnight with my cousin, Joyce.

Heddiw, dyn ni wedi gyrru i Aberystwyth – today, we have driven to Aberystwyth. Roedd y wlad yn hyfryd – the countryside was lovely – ac roedd yr tywyth yn braf – and the weather was fine.

Dyma fi yn y llety prifysgol – here I am in the university accommodation. Mae’n dawel ac unig – it’s quiet and lonely. Mae ofn arnai – there is fear on me. Ond bydd e’n iawn pan dw i’n cwrdd pobl arall yfory – but it will be fine when I meet other people tomorrow.

Dw i’n gobeithio – I hope.

Noswaith ‘ma dw i’n teimlo fordd hir o fy nghartref – this evening I feel a long way from my home.

Dw i ddim yn gallu peidio â – I can’t stop thinking – beth ydwi wedi gwneud – what have I done?

Taswn i’n ysgrifennu nofel basai hyn y eiliad tywyllwch – if I was writing a novel, this would be the dark moment.

Ond, paid â becso – but don’t worry. Dw i’n iawn – I am fine. 🙂


Dyma fi yn Prydain Fawr eto – here I am in Great Britain again.


It pays to speak Welsh

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  1. Hi Liz,
    I’m sure you are fine. And definitely will be after you get some sleep, recover from jetlag and meet your fellows. I felt exactly the same (only more emotional) when I arrived in China in 2006. For first few days, I couldn’t speak to hubby without sobbing. At time, I knew it silly, but it persisted regardless. Australian colleague reassured me it was just separation shock and homesickness and that noone knows how that will hit. I still find it an odd reaction on my part, but I just had to reassure hubby, while laughing and crying at same time, that I was fine. It’s funny what the wrench from home and exhaustion can do. Have fun. You’ll be great.
    xx Chris

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