Elizabeth Jane Corbett

writing her way home

Biskit’s report card…

My dog spent his first ever dog-kennel long-weekend. I didn’t call to check on him though I considered it multiple times (sad, I know).

Anyway, I just picked him up bathed, happy and with a report card!


‘Biskit,’ I said. This is going straight to the pool room.’

The pool room? Have you not seen the great Aussie movie The Castle?

Pool room is a local idiom for a trophy room. My man about the house says it’s just marketing but I don’t care.

I’m sold on the experience.


Why not join the library?


Travelling, charging, and other challenges of a modern relationships…


  1. Clever, Biskit.
    Another plus, Liz, is that you’ll feel more comfortable to leave him somewhere that makes that effort.

  2. fiona

    when we were kids and went to Rosebud on holiday, our dog Andrew went to a kennel for the summer and he sent us postcards (complete with paw print so we’d know he was having a good time).

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