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Christmas 2013 – the view from our empty nest

You have probably come to this page via an email link or an invitation – an invitation in which I shamelessly used the excuse of Christmas to lure you to my blog. Fear not, I have not dragged you here under false pretenses. In the interests of my continuing professional development, I am currently working my way through the ANZ 23 Mobile things program. As a consequence, this year’s family news will be in the form of a Pinterest board.


If you’ve never used Pinterest don’t panic. Just follow the link.

If you are panicking and the whole damn Pinterest thing isn’t working for you, drop me a line. I’m happy to send the Microsoft word version of our news. Otherwise, here’s the view from our empty nest.


Just an ordinary day in the library service


A merry Facebook Christmas

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  1. What a lovely year you’ve had. Empty nesting certainly hasn’t slowed you down any. Here’s to many more exciting years ahead.

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