This was mum’s first Christmas in Melbourne for quite a few years. We were all pretty pleased to have her with us.

It was also nice to have Mia’s company. Especially as she dressed for the occasion.


Here are Phoebe and Andy carving the Turducken roll (turkey, duck, chicken).

We all made a salad to share. As you can see there was nowhere near enough food.

We are declaring this year the year of the home made gifts. Not much for me in those bags and boxes. Seth said they looked up Dukan treats but couldn’t find any appetising biscuits. They considered tucking a fillet steak in their box but it didn’t fit the festive theme.

Liz had a glass of wine as part of her first celebration meal on phase three of the Dukan Diet.

Mum got a bottle of Bailey’s. I do have a photo of her kissing the bottle but decided not to upload it. We’ve only just got her into the retirement facility.

Phoebe made gingerbread houses. We also had a stealing Santa but best not to show those photos either. Too much grabbing, gloating and horror (yes, someone gift wrapped a toilet duck refill).

We had a lovely day and hope you did too.

PS. I am yet to learn how to put photos alongside each other in an artful manner (it seems the WordPress gallery format isn’t going to do it for me). No, I can’t seem to set the spacing either. Yes, I have just discovered the photoshop express framing app, and, no, I can’t take a good photo. But hey, I grew up in the seventies with a Kodak Instamatic. At least the people in these photos
all have heads.