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Hard drive issues – both personal and computer related

What causes a common cold? Who knows? I'm putting this one down to:

  1. The stress of a mammogram call back (everything is fine, thanks)
  2. Not getting enough time to work on my manuscript
  3. The excitement and challenge of doing an interview on Radio Cymru
  4. Working the weekend though I knew I had a cold brewing
  5. Taking my mum to a medical appointment with the said cold hanging over me
  6. Not getting enough time to work on my manuscript
  7. Finding out that the promised replacement Welsh teacher had not materialised
  8. Realising I would be taking two groups of learners at different stages and each learning a different dialect
  9. Knowing I would need to make the corresponding resources
  10. Not getting enough time to work on my manuscript
  11. Doing a software upgrade on my Macbook while feeling distinctly below par
  12. Finding I could no longer log in
  13. Realising I had not done a back-up for AGES

Not a bad list of minor stresses, when you look at it in black and white. But how knows? Maybe someone sneezed and in was in the wrong place?

Whatever the reason, I've got a cold.

I went to work on Thursday because I wasn't sick enough to stay home. Half way through the day I knew I would be sick enough by closing time. I slept all day Friday. Spent a miserable Saturday hunched in front of the gas heater. Mum told me I should go to the Doctors. I resisted the temptation to tell her I was more worried about my computer. I mean, what could the doctor do? Apart from tell me to rest and drink plenty of fluids? Whereas I'd been on the online forums. I was pretty sure they would have to do a factory reset of my Macbook. I would have to restore my apps and data from my back-ups which … as I mentioned earlier, had been sorely neglected .

I booked an appointment at the Apple Store.

Don't get me wrong, the Apple Store is one of my favourite places. Apart from the fact that I only ever go there when something is wrong. I like:

  1. The buzz
  2. The Genius Bar staff in their signature blue TShirts.
  3. The opportunity to look at new products
  4. Like, how cool is the new Apple watch!
  5. The fact they always show an appropriate mount of sympathy for my dilemma
  6. Without making me feel stupid for doing a software upgrade without first doing a back-up

The Genius Bar guy tried to open my computer without having to do a factory reset. But in the end, the online forums were right. A clean start was the only way forward. Fortunately, we were able to back my data up to a removable hard drive before wiping it.

'Ours are a bit over priced,' the guy said. 'Do you want to slip across to Big W?'

I've got a cold,' I said, 'slipping anywhere is beyond me.'

I bought a new removable Hard Drive. We set to work backing up my data. Documents, pictures, Welsh language televsion.

'This could take a while,' the guy said. 'Do you want to go for a wander?'

I didn't have the energy for wandering either. I made straight for the nearest cafe and ordered a coffee. Then another. It didn't help. Hmm…maybe mum was right? Maybe I should book a doctor's appointment. I went onto HotDoc. Made an appointment for Monday morning. I was pretty sure the doctor wouldn't be able to do anything, apart from making the rest and fluids official. But the appointment would keep my mum happy. Meanwhile, the Apple guy would back up my data and wipe my computer. If only that was the cure for the common cold? Wipe us clean and restore our factory settings? Alas bodies are more complex than computers. But at least, once I'd restored my Macbook, I'd be able to start making the new flash cards for Welsh class. Once my head cleared, I would also be able to work on my manuscript. Meanwhile, I've learned one important lesson. Never do a software upgrade without backing up your computer.


New iPad – a time for letting go.

I got a new iPad for Christmas. It is faster, lighter, leaner than my old iPad. But for some reason, I’m having trouble saying goodbye. Strange, to develop an affection for a piece of technology. But, the iPad has been so much more than a machine to me.

It was a step down the path of self-knowledge.

I recall the initial purchase decision. No one else in the family had an iPad. Do you hear that? Me, the middle-aged mother, was the first person in the family to get an iPad. The kids jumped on the MacBook train earlier than me, I was pretty slow in the iPhone race, and Andrew was as yet Apple uninitiated. He didn’t know what delights lay in store. I Therefore had to make the decision ahead of him.

Now, if that seems insignificant to you, please remember I got married at the age of nineteen. I had my first child by the time I was twenty. Money was tight. Decisions revolved around the needs of the family. There wasn’t a great deal of time or energy left over for self discovery. Until the iPad.

Andrew said: “if you want an iPad buy one.”

I saw a whole new world opening up before me – social media, books, movies, diaries, notetaking apps, image storage, dictionaries, blogging and travel apps, games, contacts, meditation, relaxation, and enhanced language learning functions.

Still, I hesitated. Did I need it? Or just want it? Was I being selfish? My guilt and self-doubt could have rivalled the seating capacity of the MCG. In the end, I purchased a refurbished model with WIFI + Cellular and 64GB of memory. I’m not addicted (cough) or dependent (goodness, quite a tickle in my throat). But I did buy a new handbag to accomodate the purchase. Causing one son to ask: ‘Do you ever go anywhere without that thing?’

‘No. Apart from the gym and library desk shifts, me and my iPad are rarely separated.’

Today is Boxing Day. I am sitting at the table with all that history. I can’t just put the old iPad in a drawer. Or, heaven forbid, throw it away. And no one carries two iPads, do they? No! that would be ridiculous. I think, in the circumstances, I might have to frame it. Underneath, the caption will simply read:

“The day Elizabeth Jane knew what she wanted.”



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