The emergence of eBooks has increased publishing opportunities (like big time). Small presses are flourishing. Large ones, floundering in a rapidly changing publishing environment – an environment in which book promotion increasingly falls on the author’s shoulders.

This is not all bad news. Sites like Goodreads and online bookstores, like Amazon, have given readers a greater stake in author success.

You can help me (or your favourite authors) by  leaving a short review (a few words) on Goodreads, Amazon (you don’t need to have purchased on Amazon to leave a review), or any other ebook site. Alternatively, you can share your opinions on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, or wherever you hang out on social media. If you are feeling extra energetic, you could add me to a Goodreads list. Here are some that are applicable.

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If you live in an area with a good local bookstore, tell them about The Tides Between. Tell your local library too. In Australia, public libraries purchase most books requested by borrowers. Authors receive paid public lending rights.

Book Details

ISBN: 978-1-925652-22-2 (pbk) | 978-1-925652-23-9 (ebook)

Category: Young Adult / Historical Fiction

Trade paperback: 300 pages

Publication Date: 20 October 2017

RRP: AU $23.95 (pbk) | $5.99 (ebook)

So, if you liked The Tides Between, don’t be shy. Get out there and sing its praises. If you didn’t like it, well…you’re welcome to keep that song to yourself. 🙂