The Tides Between has been a love-song and homecoming journey for me. I started writing with a vague story outline, an academic interest in my mother’s heritage, and a vague notion that Welsh language was still spoken. I have since learned to speak Welsh (because it is so heartbreakingly beautiful). In my opinion, Say Something in Welsh is the overall best, no charge, and generously supportive place to learn Welsh.

My friend Karla (who also learned Welsh in Australia) helped me record these sound files. Our accents aren’t perfect (though as Aussies we’re all over nasal mutations). But it’ll give you an idea of how Rhys and Siȃn might have sounded.

Arhoswch Wait
Baban, babanod Baby, babies
Bach Little, used to convey the term little one
Bechod Shame
Bydd popeth yn iawn Everything will be fine
Ble gest ti hi? Where did you get it?
Canwyll corff Corpse candles
Cariad Love, sweetheart, dearest
Cawl Broth
Crist Christ
Cwch Boat
Cwtch Cuddle
Daeth tair angel fach o’r gorllewin Three small angels came from the west
Diawl! Devil
Duw God
Heddwch Peace
Hist Hush
Gelli di wneud e You can do it
Iesu Grist Jesus Christ
Llyn y Fan Fach Lake of the Small Peak
Nadolig Llawen Merry Christmas
Na fydd No, it won’t
Nage No
Nefi Heavens
Nid ti sydd ar fai You are not to blame
Noswyl Mai May Eve
O Arglwydd, dyma gamwedd Oh Lord here is injustice
Pidyn Penis
Pob un ohnyn nhw yn profi ’r tân Each one tasted the fire
Prydferth Beautiful
Seisnig English
Sut wyt ti cariad? How are you sweetheart?
Tad Dad
Twti Squat
Twp Daft, stupid
Y Fari Lwyd The Grey Mary

If like me, you are a librarian, you will have noticed the above list is not in strict alphabetical order. This has occurred through additions and omissions in the re-drafting process. I’ve endeavoured to get the order right in the back of the novel. However, my attempts at re-arranging table cells embedded in a webpage, were not a happy experience. You will therefore have to enjoy them in the slightly incorrect order in which they appear.

Ymddiheuriadau! Apologies!